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      Forbidden love


Just call me 'anne',24.before i can't even think of having a complicated relationship,but as fate have it,-it struck me.I have my bestfriend at work and we're very click at each other,we even shared the same interest,she had this married guy and they had a daughter,my friend had a prob.with this guy and my advise was to leave him and move with her life,i even talked about adultery and that the legal wife can sew her for staying with her husband with the fact that my friend knew that they we're married.And then,my friend introduced me to that guy,that same night,the guy called me,thanking me for being nice to them,to cut the story short,we become good friends,he told me that he does'nt love my friend anymore and that he's only care is for their daughter.our relationship goes deeper,and then,one night something happened..he was my first..i'am afraid to tell this to my friend,i know for sure that she will get mad and she'll hate me..she's my friend and i can't bear losing her,i decided to stay away with the guy,but he's already inlove with me..he even tell my friend about his feelings for me,hopin that i 'll accept him..but i can't,having an affair to a married guy will make my family mad,they expect something for me..they know that i'am smart,and that i'am well raised..they got some future plan for me,i loved my family and i can't bear hurting them..besides,what will people said if they knew that i've got an affair with my bestfriend's boyfriend..and worst that guy is married with his first then,i decided to forget him..he promise to divorce with his wife,he promise everything to win me back,i know for sure that he really loves me..he had proven this in many ways,.but my family matter's most..fate just played a trick on us..until now,he keeps on texting me,begging me to stay,but i must do the right so many ways,we must not only allow our hearts to be in control..this is why head is above our heart..


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