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      Over these miles


I met Andrew at my 16th birthday party. He was the cousin of the girl throwing the party for me. He sat by himself through out most of the night. I, on the other hand, sat next to the first guy I had dated in years. I have never been fond of dating due to the fact that I come from a broken home and most of the realationships in my family end in divorce. But I thought that this guy may be different. I left that day thinking nothing of the guy that sat in the corner of that restraunt.

My birthday is close to New Years and I had planded on spending New Years at my best friends house (the girl that had the party for me). Before my boyfriend and I left to go to her house we had an argument because he wanted me to change my religion and become Catholic and marry him. Above all things I did NOT want to get married. I was top of my class and fighting off universities. Marriage was the last thing that I wanted. Well we went ahead and left for her house. While there that same guy began to open up. No longer was Andrew the quiet guy in the corner. Matter of fact he had become the center of attention. But my boy friend was extremely over protective. Besides Andrew lived in a completely different state no where near Texas. I stayed over that night at her house and so did Andrew. We talked and kinda grew fond of each other but I just knew that when I left the next morning, I would never see him again.

Two days after Andrew left to go back home, my boyfriend broke up with me because he wanted more out of our relationship than I planned on giving. I felt upset but had no trouble moving on with life. I went about my studies and some how got my hands on Andrew's email. We started talking. He had even wanted to start a relationship. "Over these miles??!!" Its all I could think. I was just too scared to start a relationship. But some how he conned me into it. And you know what? I did fall in love. The impossible happened. By the end of the first year we could finish each others sentences. People laughed at us saying "they won't ever make it. They're too far apart. Its impossible." well I tell you now. If you're anything like Andrew and I, you'll know that anything is possible with God in the heart of your relationship.

Currently I am engaged to marry this 'guy clone' of me. And with every passing day I fall just a little more in love with him and he does the same with me. As long as God is at the root of our relationship .... all things will be joyous and possible.


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