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      Despair of your friend


Despair of YuNIQZ



Taguig, Manila, Philippines

It's christmas time but I'm not satisfied

This day should be the happiest holiday that anyone may have but...........

I'm all alone even though it is a holiday

I went to work

at work almost all of my co worker already have their call but me???

I'm over avail!!!

I wish I could be with someone whom I love but unfortunately it seems like he doesnt love me...

Later on when I go home I will be watching a movie together with my friend

How I wish it was him

But no, it's my friend

But I am also planning to go to their place together with my bestfriend because his cousin, who was courting me told me to go there and wait for him

I wish that when I go there I will see him ang greet me a merry christmas

It will be the best gift for me

My friends told me that when I'm not around he would ask about me

If when will I go home

But I'm not so sure if its true

There is also a time while we where walking one of my friend told him " di ba may pagtatapat ka sa kanya? sabihin mo na!

Then the reply was a line of song "mahal kita, mahal kita"

Narwin said"mahal ka daw nya woh"

Then I replied" kumakanta lang yan!

He also said "kumakanta lang ako masama ba?"

Oh I wish it was true

Although at the back of my mind I'm thinking that for all the songs here in the world what the heck he sang that song

I'm thinking that it was true but I also dont think so

I wish that one time he will also tell me that he love me

When would that be?

...when I'm not available? the end of the world? .

..when I'm dying?

An hour to go and I will be out to work

I'm going home...

Few hours to go and I will see him

I'm so excited.........

The best gift for me this christmas is to hear him say that he love me

And I know it will happen... my dreams!!!!




I already got his picture

with me and I also print it out

When I came to work I saw a new schedule

I was transferred to a new account which is the firedog

I hate it because I have training during the newyears eve

I cannot go to our party in Bulacan...

And especially I will not see him.... How sad...

I did'nt see him last christmas because it's late already when the movie ended

And also my father told me to go home

But when I'm already at home I saw my father snoaring!!!

What?! I should have gone to tambayan...

If I only knew.....



It was my last day here at circuit city because I dont want to be transferred into a different account.

And also I dont want to spend new year here in manila

I want to be with my family and also i want to see him

I will attend the new year's party together with my friends at their place

and most of all I do not have money left in my pocket so that I can eat

well i'll just dont accept the deal.....................

Goodbye circuit city...... adios....... I have such a great time because I like to deal with customer and help them out. And I am satisfied when my customer told me that i helped them a lot and thank me for that... also goodbye to my crush i will miss you coz you are such a great agent thanks for helping me out... it just so happen that you are not around now, I cant say goodbye to you, I wish we are close... thank you TL CY mamimiss kita!!! Wala na po magpapalaba ng t-shirt sken hehehe......


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