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      Do i have the right?


my friends call me freda, so just call me freda

he used to be my boss, he is a priest.we worked together for 10 months and i never had this feeling towards him, i admire him yes, but falling in love with him did not came into my mind, after resigning to my old work and start to work in the other parish i find my self missing his corny jokes and smiles, i always wanted to text him but i still can control my feelings towards him,i got myself a boyfriend. until one day he transferred to other parish and we were assigned to work together in a ministry.

one day we are assigned to go for a stay in seminar, for 1 week being with him in the same house, we became friends, not the usual friendship we had before. he is not my boss now. in that one week everything change.....

we started to go out for a dinner, we started to have fun together, until he started kissing me, instead of objecting i responded to that kiss, for 2 months we go out for a date,date like lovers...

one day i woke up realizing things were not going right, i became demanding to him, wanting time that he cannot give, he has a lot of schedules, our schedules don't meet.

until felt being rejected by him, but the truth is he is not, he cannot give up his commitments just for me, well i do understand him when he explains.

my problem now is that I'm falling in love with him, and i cant help it. by now i dont care about my boyfriend, and i know its unfair for him.i dont think i can give him up now. i want him not as i want my boyfriend.


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