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      My grandparents


My grandparents really Loved each other. It was true Love, and I can't believe it happened in my family. I can't believe I'm related to these people.

They were both great looking, and smart. It was instant chemistry when they me. They were young, in their 20's.

Supposedly the story goes like this.

She was like, 5 years older than him. She had a lot of suitors. She wore a ring he gave her around her neck for a year, before giving him her answer to his proposal. She finally said yes, obviously. That's a women who knows how to play the rules!! He went of to WW2, shortly after this. Knowing they were madly in Love with each other, they knew he may never come back.

She waited, and when he returned, VERY thin and gaunt, they settled down. My grandfather than went on to become a brilliant architect. He made loads of dough, and built their dream house in the Hollywood Hills. He designed sea world. They had 2 gorgeous and talented kids.

Pretty boring , and it pisses me off,

I don't want to write about something I know, and will know nothing about anymore!!

Well, off to go get beat up by my impotent, boyfriend, and collect my SSI check.


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