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      Why must love hurt


I love a guy, who says he loves me too. We have been intimate and dated for a long time, but he broke it off when he realized that it felt wrong because he was so consumed by 'wanting' me, that he lost sight of other things. I cried for days after this. I love him more than anyone.

Yesterday we became intimate again, after weeks of animosity. I missed him so much, that I doubt I could have resisted him. He says he wants me, but he doesn't know if its just because we've been together before, and he knows he can have me. (believe me I couldn't put up a fight. I enjoy him too much.)

We are both leaving home in a few weeks to go to uni, and so we will not be living as close as we do currently. We are, underneath the intimacy, best friends. So I don't want to lose him. However, I do want to be intimate with him before I have to let him go.

I am so confused, and angry that I feel this way.

I love. I hurt. I love. I hurt.

The cycle is never broken.

Why must love hurt so much?


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