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      The 14 year old gorgeous Loser.


He moved here 2 years ago and we were standing there waiting for the bus. he looked funny a short pale blond haired boy that was shivering. He wasn't used to the cold and the snow but  me and my friends just laughed. Then when we got off the bus my friends and i were messing around and one of the girls accidentally hit him in the back of the head with a snowball. That sent us over the edge we couldn't stop laughing. The rest of the school year was pretty normal but then it was summer time. We saw him skateboarding and he was good. I knew right then that this boy was going to be big in our neighborhood. And well lets just say everyone knows everyone and we all get along pretty well. so this new kid was invading. but then he started hanging out with my loser of a neighbor so we saw a lot of each other we never talked but we saw each other. We actually both hated each other Ive always been the fastest in our neighborhood and i get a lot of respect. then we had our races and he started from the bottom and wow this kid had speed. finally it came down to just me and him. mailbox and back. i thought i was going to win. no new kid could just prance in and take my title.someone said go and i just put my head down and ran we were pretty even and then out of nowhere i was winning then whoosh! he flew past me right at the end. So now it was official we didn't like each other i ruled this neighbor hood he cant have that.  Then before i knew it summer was over and we started a new school year. this year he went to a different school then me. So that's boring and ill skip it. Then in the middle of summer vacation, my neighbor had 22 tickets to a jackhammers game she gave one to basically the neighbor hood so i was dreading the game. I went down to sit by Cody and him. His name was Brock he was 14 and hes from CALIFORNIA! OK......that game was so much fun. We ran away from Cody and i kept stealing his hat. He actually let me keep it on. then we rolled down the hill and stole Cody's wallet. That night was so much fun. I rode home with the guys and we had a big Tetris tournament. It was like 11 so i was really tired. I ended up falling asleep on his shoulder... (good think i don't snore or anything )  i woke up with his hat over my eyes and we still had about a half hour drive because the little boys wanted to stop at taco bell so it was me Brock and Cody in the car. we started playing Tetris again and i lost. he told me how to get to level 6 fast and we just started laughing when Cody got mad because he was losing. So finally the night ended but that doesn't mean we stopped talking. We were texting until 12:30 until i fell asleep again. the next day he told me to go down to codys and we hung out all day. To think i hated this kid. The next day we were all in front of my friends Matt's house. He asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend i said psh hell no.. (everyone was right there) then later i texted him and asked if he was serious and he said yea and i said oh and he said yea so do.? and i said well sure. So we hung out all the time. It was amazing being with him. And then he said he loved me and i told him i loved him to. i meant it this boy amazed me and he still does. His California hair and his blue eyes. we went out for  about  4 or 5 months and i cherished every moment. Then about 2 weeks ago he broke up with me. This has been horrible. I miss him terribly. We still talk but he has a girlfriend. I really do think i love him. I dont know how to explain it but he was my life. I love him so much. and i just hope someday hell finally love me back.


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