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      My heartache story


K, so i wouldn't count this as dating but like it was "liking" each other. I was in seventh grade and me and this guy liked each other. We told each other and we both knew, he called me beautiful as well at one point. We each gave each other candy grams saying i love you and stuff...and guess wat he ripped mine to pieces, i was heart broken i was soo sad it like u never liked me! :( But thats not the worst thing. He insulted my best friend, wat was i supposed to do stick up for her or not. I decided to stick up for her, I talked to him and he Dannyed he was walking away he called me a loser and bitch but Lucky my friend told me so i liked freaked out at him! Later he said he hated me...i liked him for soo long, even though he was such a ass to me, and now every Friday 19th of dec i remember him! for about a year after that nothing good ever happened to me again! :(


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