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      True love sounds


True Love sounds can be in the words expressed, "I Love You". True Love sounds are heard after the slap of a new born with the happy cry of a mother seeing her joy manifested in child. Sometimes true love sounds are heard in the mourning of a child that has lost a parent. True Love sounds can also be in the words expressed, "Iím on my way to work" and it could also be expressed, "Thank you, I appreciate you". Sometimes saying, "Your hair looks great today" or "wow, your smile is so beautiful". "Gosh, Iím glad to be home" or "Relax dear, Iíll do the dishes tonight".

Sometimes True Loves sounds are heard in the opening of a door, or stirred by the ring of a telephone. True Love sounds can also include silence. Sitting together in silence and spending time in silence. Enjoying each otherís company without speaking a word and still feeling content and assured.

Sometimes the eyes say it all. We can exchange glances and know each otherís heart. Sometimes the hands say it all. A gentle grip of the hand, a pat on the back, or a warm hug. Snuggling feet whispering sweet nothings, a leg draped over a lap laughing and leaning, a cuddled embrace.

Sometimes true love sounds roar out of your body. It can strike like lightning. True Love can pierce your heart into beating faster...pounding faster...breathing faster...

Sometimes, true love sounds are heard in the blissful expression of love-making.

True Love sounds are many times tested and affirmed by the bell tolls of time. Here is a peom that I have written. I cannot highlight the first letter of each sentence...but it spells out True Love Sounds.

"True Love" Sounds by Philip

True Loveís sound, A Loverís Sixth sense.
Reverberating Heartbeats, a sound so intense.
Uh-huh-sigh---, slicing the air.
Eager hands clasping and making a pair.
Lips purring, breathing, trembling your ear.
Odd sprouting Goosebumps that pop and appear.
Vivid swirl patches, heat from within.
Evaporating droplets, steam off your skin
Surging red armies invade every limb.
Ouch-oh-moan, turns into a hymn.
Uncoupled hand in the small of your back.
Numbing resistance, all words, seem to lack.
Drums beating, Hearts beating, decibels so true.
Sounds ceasing, search ceasing, saying, "I do".


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