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      Incomplete Love


i am in love since 4 years, i knew or at least thought he is the guy, he loves me a lot and is been faithful to me, but he is not ready to marry, he feels marriage is disgusting, because he already once married and because of his family his marriage didn't work out, but why should i get punished for it, he is so nice to me,loving just like a husband, we make such a lovely pair, but he doesn't want to be with me as he says marriages are not permanent, i don' know what to do, i have dedicated my entire life for him, i love him to death, i want a family with him, but he says he has nothing to offer me, he can live with me for whenever but no marriage, please tell me what to do as i don't deserve this, and i want to move on with him or without him, i want to be happy with him or without him


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