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loving him is my secret  from my world I live in,

my heart is weighed down by this true fact that i am still in love him. 

why should i feel a shame by what i feel, we have history together i was   married to him,

 this is not like this is a sick crush we slept in the same bed together and made mad passionate love and conceived a show our love for one another.

Thur this commitment we was to started a lineage because this was a action of love we want our unity to grow and start our own family tree,


but thing change for him and me our dreams fell  down a bottomless pit

 I cried,scream and throw a fit.

HE said he met someone else and she was his perfect fit,I was not his soul mate any more that she was it.

So I'm still reliving that life changing day like a lost soul trying to find her way.

Always trying to relive that moment to fix what I thought was not broke.

 I'm not crazy i know things will never be the same, it's just hurts i need for this pain to go away.

People often criticize me for still loving him, so I stop making my feeling known.

 I already feel stupid I've been loving him for to long.

 He walked out my life and never looked back and started a life brand new

and left me mentally trapped

                                                 by: secret

one day i will stop loving you


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