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      Is there a cure for a broken heart


I had never felt so loved in my life, never felt so ,something so intimate to some one but then he blabbed told everyone everything I had ever kept. For three years I recovered then was back wanting to be loved...

He went to my school known as the joker,it started off while he was dating a close friend of mine he was at i party and she wasn't there and he made his move i felt wanted,worthy,

we had a more sexual relationship at the start i never thought i would fall in love again,but i did,it was fun his girlfriend never found out and my heart felt as if it had never been broken,we would talk for hours he would call me up to say he loved me it felt real.

I would go to his house he would spend the night it was a secret relationship and i liked it we weren't to peas in a pod you would have  never thought we would go out an A* student and the local pro footballer.

It was only after he watched me suck his best dick then his own, II realised I had been used.that he never loved me.

I had betrayed my best friend and made a fall of myself,ringing his cell having no answer sending him messages having no replies that i realised there's no cure for love nor happy endings.

Since then i haven't found a cure to a broken heart and haven't found a cure to stop loving someone even though they hurt you so much

I still feel something real I love you Jake even though you feel nothing back i think about you everyday x


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