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      I met the most wonderful person in the world


We met through my friend Ahrend. Me and Ahrend where talking online and Jason was at Ahrend's house when I was talking to him and he asked to see a picture of me, he showed it to him and he said I was beautiful. So the next day I saw Jason and Ahrend, Ahrend introduced us and I knew from that moment I wouldn't meet another person as special as he is.

The next day Jason and I bumped into each other in an art class at school and we were both really shy, but I know he was being alot more shy than I was because he wouldn't even look at me. So for a couple weeks we did'nt really talk, so from there on I thought he did'nt like me. But one night I got online and I saw that he was online too. I needed a date to go to the movies with me and no one else would go so i thought, it would'nt hurt to ask him. I asked him and he said he would go.

I was excited about seeing the movie but I thought he was going to be shy and not talk to me the whole night (BOY WAS I WRONG). I got to the movies early and I waited for him. I was very nervous because I didn't think he was going to show up. He did and then we both went into the theatre. The whole time we where there all we did was laugh. It was kind of wierd because it was a horror movie and we were the only ones in the theatre laughing. So our dated ended and I hugged him good bye. I didn't say it but i was thinking it. I was thinking there was nobody else I would have rather been with that night. We have been friends ever since.

He is such a special part of my life and my life would end if he were ever to leave me. The scary part of this story is that if it weren't for my friend Ahrend, I would not of met the bestest friend I have ever had.

I hope he reads this and realizes how much I care for him and how much I want him to be a part of my life forever.


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