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I first met him last MAy 2008 when my cousin invited them to eat in our house... he exchange hands to me and smile at me. I was confused because I'm not used to it even before, so what I did is went to my room and hide there like an elf. I had a chance to see him after a week, and I know to myself that I like the way he is.

We became good friends, I even treated him as my elder brother. duh!!! just an acting to hide my true feeling because I thought he llikes someone else.. I never had a chance to tell him my true feelings since I know that it's forbidden because his still a missionary.huhuhu... we were good friends though... sharing some foods and lots of things...

from the time that he went home I know deep in my heart that I really misses him. A part of me that is missing...

one night in August we texted each other 'till dawn... exchanged sweet messages.. He asked me whose the lucky guy whom I want to marry, I replied to him I still don't know it's all because I like someone but he only like me as a friend. I also asked him the same question, then he told me that he still don't know because the girl he likes is still confused, she might not like him..

to make the story short.. we came to the point of dealing to each other that if he will tell me the girl she likes I will also reveal the guy I secretly love.

At that moment I felt nervous, a feeling I couldn't explain why.. to my surprise I was the girl that he really likes even before he just kept it to his self since it's forbidden.. from that moment on we became one and promised to love each other for time and eternity...

we are still together to this day, we have been through ups and downs but i wouldn't have rather gone through it with anyone else. he has taught me so much and helped me through everything. i can't believe that i fell in love with him.. i'm just so glad that he feels the same way. and i hope that it stays that way. we plan on getting married and no one is going to stop us. i found true love when i found him, and i'm proud of it! i've never felt this way about anyone else, and i never will. i have all i need.. all in him. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY KO YOU THAT... LOOKING FORWARD TO BE YOUR WIFE..


from the time we met I know that there's something about you thatreally attracks me, those smile that can kill someone's heart and theattitude that can make someone fall in love.

from the time that we became close to each other I knew to myself thatI already felt something for you but I don't have the courage to tellyou because I'm so afraid that you might avoid me.

I treasured every moment that I'm with you, those moments when you'rethere to lift my soul up specially when I'm breaking down and thosememories when I'm so excited everytime I have a chance to see you andtalk to you.

I can still remember before when I'm crying you send me a qoutes thatreally touches my heart because I know you just want me to be showed me the right directions in times when I hesitated, youtaught me a lot of things, from being humble and charitable.

I was praying for a perfect man who's not only gonna love me or acceptme for who I am, but a man who's gonna be with me 'till eternity, butit was then that I realized, GOD already answered my prayers, notknowing at first that it was YOU.

hOnEy, I'm so thankful for having you in my life right now, for sharingthose memories with you, we may be away from each other but alwaysremember that my heart belongs to you and I know I'll see you againwhether far or soon, but I need you to know that I really care and Imiss you a lot. LUVZ YOU HONEY KO!!!



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