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      Losing the ones you Love


I first saw him in 2005 when we were at the store, coming from a small town you knew almost everyone that is noticeable. He was standing tall & lanky in his black jacket. In my head I could picture him turning towards, stretching out his hand to lead me into the sunset! Well that dream disappeared when he strolled past me to leave the store.

Two days later, we met again & this time I got the courage to say hi to him at the local casino while watching a football game...from then on I think it was safe to say that we were hooked on each other...months went by with our solid relationship.


In 2007 I moved away to another town for work purposes and our relationship took a huge strain as we never have been apart from each other. This was in May month when I started my new job by the end of July we had totally lost contact and were leading separate lives on the 25th of August the same year he called me to tell me he misses me and wants us to work things out, he had gotten a transfer to the same town as me as a surprise, I was over the moon as I had news of my own to tell him, I was expecting our baby, I had only found out two afternoons before he called.


The same day he called he insisted on seeing me so that afternoon at knock I drove home, I was really excited as I had news of my own for him. I got home pretty late and I thought I would rest and see him the next day.


In the morning I got calls that I missed from his mobile and text messages and there was one particular text message that touched me, he told me he loved me so much and that he will until the end of time and he prays to God that I will never stop loving him because that is the one thing he ever cherished in his world. He never said goodbye always said cheerful things like see you later alligator or until soon. his mobile was off I started to stress I started to have pains in my stomach...then the call came in, my brother his best friend broke the news to me, He got involved in a car crash and didn't make baby didn't too!


It took me months to come to terms with it, still not easy, but writing this story just is prove that I'm healing...


The blessing is father & son are in God warm embrace together. May their souls rest in Peace


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