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      Building my dreams


My fiancÚ and I travelled to Egypt when I was 8 months pregnant with our son. we got married there, and raised him there until he was three. then my husband told us to some back to the U.S. He knew I missed him, but he still had many projects to work on there. I didn't want to leave him, but I felt like I was only in his way. So Jeremy, and I came home. Korinth, my husband stayed.

After 6 months of being without him I thought I would go insane. I wanted to go back. he said the projects were almost complete. he said to hold off. So I waited another 6 months. Jeremy missed his daddy, and I missed my husband. He told us he needed two more years in Egypt. He said it, and I knew he meant alone. but how could he do that? I didn't talk to him again for three months. I thought I would literally die.

What was he doing? Where was he?

I was living with my parents, and we were worried. we tried to locate him, but he could not be found. so we began to think he had been murdered. I received a fed ex package the next day. When I thought, even for 24 hours he was dead, I felt alone. I had been 15 months without him. The fed ex was two planes tickets to Texas. There was a note in it from Korinth. he was alive, He said to bring Jeremy, and come to Texas. We went, Korinth met us at the airport. we hugged and kissed like we had been apart 15 years. But one and a half was enough. Korinth told me he had been back in the U.S. since a week after we last talked. he came to Texas, and he missed me so, but didn't want to tell me the truth. he was having my dream house built. he got so many contracts from the work on his projects, that he could afford to make my dreams come true.

I told him all I wanted was him. he said he was so sorry for the time spent away, but that forever he would make it up to me. and he has. Jeremy is 9 now, Luca, our daughter is 4, and our son karmin is 1. We are happily ever after.

Korinth apologizes almost everyday for all he put me through still-thinking he was dead. but he doesn't have too- it is forgotten.

I am so happy. Korinth is scheduled to go to Egypt again in September. this time we are all going, and staying!



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