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      My First Impossible Love And My Only Love


I never thought love was going to be this painful and now that I 've gone through the pain of love I wish I could go back to the moment I wished of being in love. It`s been 7 seven years since I first met him, when I was 8 years old was the first time I met him and I started liking him and now that seven years have gone by and now I'm about to turn 15 it hurts me every time to see him and I just wish I could open my lips and tell him how much I love him but I cant even say Hi to him. how is it possible that when I was 8 I argued with him and sometimes we played hide and seek or freeze tag and I even sang to him and now I can't talk to him and he can't talk to me. Each time we walk by each other we act as if we were strangers and we had never met. All I do now is make so many love letters to him and send them to him but not personaly but with my brother. He's my cousine's bestest friend and my first impossible love. My cousine once asked him if he liked me and so serious he answered I don't know then another time my brother asked him and he said maybe more or less and the last time my brother asked him he said," I guess it a no becuase she is always hidding from me and she never talks to me and maybe if she had been brave enough I might of though different of her." Now it hurts what he said and I always cry for him he is the first guy I ever cried for and I can't stop crying when ever I here his name "Hector" He is turning 17 the same month I turn 15 and his birthday is 8 days away from mine. I wish that some day I can talk to him and here him say the painful word "No" He lives so far away from me and it's impossible to talk to him when he lives in Mexico and I live in the United States.


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