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      He Rescued Me


                So my name is Katherine and I am 21 years old ...and in my life I always used to dream of what it would be like to fall in  love and live happily ever after. I had a good example my parents were happily married since they were as a child I assumed that I was destined to live the same life path. Then when I was in grade 9 in a small town that hated anyone they didn't think fit there standards my parents told me "were getting a divorce" not surprised I walked away and went to hang out with my friends...


            The only catch is that they weren't getting divorced for the typical reasons of fighting or whatever...they were getting divorced because my father is gay...I stopped talking to my father and started referring to him as the one...this whole time I was dating anyone that looked at me in hopes of finding love...doesn't work that way...I started talking to my dad and ending up moving in with him...and I met someone...he was tall, European (polish), funny, smart, shy, and had beautiful blue eyes...we dated for a very long time...and I thought for sure this was else left to do in our relationship than getting married...finally I sat home alone one night and it was my 19th birthday and I picked up the phone at 2 a.m. and broke it off. He came right over thinking that I had gone mad...turns out he didn't come see me all week because he was going to propose to me...and in a way I thanked god he didn't.


       A couple months later my dad and I were joking about dating websites and we dared each other to go on and see who could get hit on first...he won...anyways about a month later I got a message from someone with no picture no information...and normally I ignore these but something made me want to open it and see what he had to say so I did...we started talking more and more every day...then on the phone for a while...and finally a date. We decided that we were going to go play darts I have never played...and somehow we ended up at Boston Pizza. We laughed we talked it was amazing...I didn't get home until 5 a.m. all from driving around and laughing with each other. It felt to good to be true...I went to sleep only to wake to a phone call from him....Luke...he wanted to know if I wanted to hang out again...


    Hockey game was that night so we decided to go watch it and me being me I said " I know this great pub that we can go to" sure enough I got us lost...we ended up at Swiss chalet and it was dead inside so the girl turned the game on for us and we watched absolutely none of the game...because yet again we were busy talking about anything and everything under the sun. So it was his best friends birthday and he didn't wanna go alone...I went with him we were alone all night just dancing and talking and laughing was like everything around us stopped and we were the only ones...that night in the car on the way home he looked at me held my hand and asked me to be his girlfriend...we moved in together a while down the road...and then ....


    Luke moved 5000 miles away to British was the day that I let my true and only love walk away...I couldn't stop was a great job opportunity and I never wanted him to resent me if I held him he went and I cried for weeks...but we still stayed together...until one day out of the phone was vibrating...I picked it up and the message read "Hi..It's me...ummm...I don't know how to say this...but it's over...I can't do this anymore" I dropped my phone as if I had seen a ghost after everything we had gone through that's how it was going to I called no answer...I left a message nothing back...I texted him...nothing...e-mail nothing...I tried everything then finally another text ..."Just let me go" weeks went by and I tried everything to get him off my mind...then while at work I got an e-mail and I thought nothing of it...until "Luke" pooped up on my heart dropped I called my best friends ext...she opened it and read it to me..."Hey Kate....I just wanted to know that your okay and happy and healthy...just wanted to see how everything is going anyways I guess that's it k bye....." I cried so hard I thought I was going to die...I went home from work and called him...I ended up screaming at him..I was hurt and angry and yet still so in love...I hung up after saying "I never loved could anyone love you"....I sat and thought "oh god why ....why did I say something so...stupid...I should call back and apologize...then another rush of anger and I didn't I thought why not hurt him like he did to you.


     Time passed and things became easier starting thinking about maybe trying to date again...starting going out all the felt normal again. I was at home from work sick with the stomach flu and my best friend, co-worker, and room mate called and said " when I get home we need to talk" and hung up...So 5 o'clock came and she came in and said nothing....I said to her "so we need to talk so talk" and after that was a blur...all I remember is that she told she had been talking to Luke for over a month and he wants me back and misses me...and wrote me a I called him...he explained everything. I found out that he left me because he knew how hard it was on me not knowing when I would see him...and he was diagnosed with throat cancer and knew that I had lost my grandfather to that  years ago.


      That Friday I picked him up from the airport and we spent the most amazing weekend together. Then we started talking about b.c. and how he knew I would love it out there...kept trying to talk me into maybe going to visit him...being terrified of planes...I thought I let him get away once not happening again...the next Saturday I was on a plane with a suit case full of shoes and one of clothes and was on my way to my future.



      I got off the plane and walked the long walk to where Luke was waiting for me...and I was so excited that I dropped  my bag in the middle of Vancouver airport and ran to him in my stilettos...not realizing that he was on one knee I kept grabbing at him saying "ummm...hello kiss me...Luke kiss me...Luke I love you so much...please no planes ever kiss me..."

As I looked around all I heard  was "Kate will you marry me" I looked over and saw my dream ring in his hand he had been trying to propose this whole was absolutely perfect and now were together happily planning our wedding for October 9 ,2010.


Anyways I hope that my story of  triumph over obstacles that stand in loves way is well worth the pain and hurt if you end up with the love of your life...just stay's worth it trust me


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