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      i saw him,met him,and ended up hurt ,but then something good happend!


well it all started when we started high school...i met him but we didn't talk,he use to talk to this guy who i hated a lot... he was so so so cute,but he didn't noticed me,then i told my guy friend to introduce me to him but instead asked him out for me i said no because idk a couple of months past it was almost my birthday a week left,so my bother who goes to school with me who talked to him said if he wanted to go bowling for my birthday so he said well she didn't asked me i did he said yes! after that we talked but not a lot...knowing that the girl i hated liked him and he liked her we are close friends no matter came to my birthday when we first kissed got really close and became friends with benefits! we kissed hugged hold each other tight always talking until one day i was at his house and we DID IT! i was so scared but he denying it just to keep her lose [ i hate her so much ] he said he didn't but my period hadn't come so i took a test and found out i was pregnant! i was really scared but i told one of my really close friends who liked me and couldn't believe it he said he a jerk he went to go beet him up and i haven't talked to my baby father,my new baby father is my really close friend he had liked me and said hell wanted to be my babies father so i told my parents they were so mad but i didn't care their was someone who cared..and he loved me so i moved in with him liked him deeply and treats me so nicely not letting me go not one bit,hes always their with me i just regret one thing meeting that jerk but i don't regret is meeting me close friend i love him dearly knowing hes going to be the best father ever ily!![what happened to him and her well they went out but when she found out i had her kid she broke up with him and didn't talk to him she hates him so much she called me to see how i was doing and know we talk fixed our problem and is here for me every step now him we see him but we don't talk im just glad im met my true love who is here for me and my baby..!]if your reading this i want to let you know don't ever fall for any boy because the right one could be right in front of  you and you might not if you have any questions.. ask just send me an email to: okay no worries or just ask here leave a comment okay well thanks for reading my story hope you under stand..bye


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