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      Heart broken


i love you he kept saying and saying, i just looked down with a smile my heart beating and beating faster than i have ever imagined! i looked at him and said you couldn't not yet its to early. yes i do i do he replied nervously. time went by and i let my friend put thoughts in my head, he would get so angry over the time. i cried and cried because i loved him so much, why wasn't anyone wanting us to be together?

his old girlfriend lied to me saying she had spoken on the phone to him, him telling her he loved her, while with me. after more than a few times she did it, i walked away and he left me.

he couldn't take me swapping and changing my moods and always letting him down.

i love him more than i have anybody else. all i wanted was him and always him! i was confused after my ex ripping my heart out and leaving me previously, i never thought i could feel this way again, even stronger than ever.

as we broke up, i went to friends for advice and i told them what had happened, they told me his old girlfriend lied and never said that. i just bursts out in tears and walked away breaking my heart. now its to late to get him back. I'm scared he doesn't love me anymore and never wants to see me again. i wait by my phone and door for him. now i don't know what to do with myself, i seem to cry every second i can't get a hold of myself. so i just keep it all in side built up, trying to be strong! i don't know what to do. all i want is his love back and another chance with him. its not like not I'm sorry for not listening and saying i love you back, because i do! ill just you, because I'm no good for you.


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