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      My Sad Love Story


So one day my best friend Bailey and I were walking home from school and we were headed toward her house cause i was goin to sleep over...  Well there is this boy that i have liked since 2nd grade and i still like him...  Him, Bailey and i are really close and that night i had told him that i liked him over a text message cause he wouldn't answer his phone...  In the morning we were watching the news and it said that a 13 year old boy had died inn a car crash.  They said his name was Jake.  I looked at Bailey with tears streeming down my face, we held each other until our arms got sore...  One of Jake's best guy friend's came up to me and said that Jake really liked me but wasn't sure if I liked him so he wasn't goin to ask me out.  i was hurt and i wanted to scream.  Ever since that day whenever i liked someone i tell them right away cause i don't want to go through the same thing twice and it has worked for me cause the guys like me back.  Just don't hold back and tell people how you feel about them.


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