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      Teenage cyber love


ok so my story is a little different to everyone elses. I am 16 and i fell in love for the first time at the age of 15. Although many are sceptical about young love, especially this young, if you keep reading i may change your mind. One night i was bored and went on a chat room. I started talking to a guy. At first i was kind of weirded out by the thought of meeting someone in a chat room, but we continued talking anyway.

We had been talking every night for about three weeks when he asked for my number. I was a little scared because of all the stories you hear about stalkers and stuff, but i gave it to him anyway. We continued to talk only in the chat room as neither of us was game enough to call one another. We both had webcams and usually had them on when we talked. He made me feel so special, he called me beautiful even when i was in trackies with no makeup on. although we had a deep emotional connection we were continually arguing.

We were so open with each other and this often started the arguments. He knew how i felt about him, even though i was not sure if u could have feelings for someone you had never met, and he told me he felt the same way. Our friends were sceptical about the whole relationship and still are. The day he told me he loved me was the best day of my life, although a really bad conversation followed. We both knew that nothing could ever come of the relationship as he lived about 16 hours away, and being so young we had no means of ever meeting. I started crying that night as we had a serious talk about where our relationship was going.

We both knew that nothing could happen, but it was too hard just to be friends. That night i saw him cry i knew that this thing had gone a lot further than i ever thought it would. I didn't know what to say to make things right and to make him feel ok, seeing him cry over me was one of the hardest things i had ever had to endure.

We still talk and we are still together, in an odd sort of way. We both still feel the same way and know that if we were closer we could truly make a go of our relationship. We talk every night and still argue most of them. Maybe when we are older we could actually meet, even if we are only ever what we are now. I am so glad i let down my guard with him in order for him to understand and love the real me.

I still don't know if it is possible to love someone you have never met, but what i feel for him is definitely more than friendship. I sometime wonder why my first love had to be a impossible one, especially when i see all my friends being able to date the guys that they like, and fall in love for the first time. Then i realise that everything happens for a reason and i like to believe that maybe there is a bigger plan for us or our relationship. Thanks


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