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      Love story


I never thought i would fall in love. But Love proved me wrong!! While i was working in a Financial Firm, i admired my team lead and he always appreciated me for my brilliant ideas. Slowly he began telling me not to go for long breaks hours as he would miss me. He only sounded funny but dint really think that he was thinking of me the entire time. We used chat in office. He began to ping me on my chat though we sat behind eachother. Slowly conversations grew and he felt more comfortable with me. We decided to go for a trip to tourist place. But it turned out to be in a hotel in the same city where we kissed, hugged half-naked but not fucked luckily. I was scared because he had another girl in mind which i came to know a little later. But sincerly we loved eachother and unfortunately he got married off to the other girl. I was hurt but got over it after several months and more relaxed to write down my story. I then on believe that it was only illusion and not love, but in my depth of my heart i still know i loved him very badly. But he did not love me but only got attracted to me. I still thank god for not fucking me. I only want to be fucked by my husband as i belong entirely to my husband only.


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