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      I guess it wasnt ment to be :(


It all started in primary school when i was in just year 3, i was new to the school and met this boy, Brad. He was in the year above and i thought he was really cute. For a time we were good friends, until he went out with my best friend which left me really upset. I carried on as normal trying to not let it get to me. But every time they hugged i got a tear in my eye.


When i moved on to secondary school, we rarely spoke, apart from the odd hello. I still realised i liked him, but at the same time I'd met this really sweet boy :) Liam.

He was Brad's best friend, i never thought brad liked me but he must have because for a little while i was going out with Liam. He seemed to not care until one night on msn, me and brad was speaking. It turned out he liked me but didn't want to tell me because he was scared. He said he thought Liam was using me. So me being stupid and beliving everyword brad said i broke up with Liam.


A few weeks went on, and i went to brads house with my best friend lizzy,. She used to like brad to. That night brad walked me back home, a whole 3/4 of an hour, just to make sure i was safe.

He kissed me!! i know what your thinking so you got together right.

Yes we did but only for a while, because people were trying to get in the way, and it worked.


We stil speak and infact i do still like him, im 16 now and ive liked him since ive been 8. Long time ay?

I guess we wasnt ment to be, and yes i know i was stupid for letting him go but maybe one day he will realise what we had could have been speacial.


We havent lost contact and i dont supose we will because how close we are, he still speaks to m about the past but when i mention out little talkes or stupid thins we done together he goes silent, as if he dont want to remember! I guess he did like me.


I'll always love him, and i'll always waish i was his speacial girl. His First Love..


Paiige x



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