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      He was the only man i ever truely loved.


Everything started on December 3rd, 2004 when I was about 14 years old when I lived in Union City, New Jersey. One day I was on myspace and I read this bulletin that this really HOT guy named Oscar posted. Something about what i rate him. I rated him an 8.. I would never rate anyone a 10. Anyways just seems to happen that he was one of my really closes homeboys Henry best friend. After he saw what i had written he replied and we started to have a conversation over myspace, then soon on the aim. 



Later on that day, when I had already gotten off the computer and everything Henry decides to call me. He asked me if I wanted to go to the movies, I said I couldnt cause I was at my aunts house. He tells me who hes with me movies with. He decided to put Oscar of the phone. Oscar and I began to talk on the phone he made me laugh and smile which is really hard to do. I gave Oscar my number and we started to talk alot over the phone after that. We once stayed on the phone for also 10 hours with out getting off. He made me really happy, and we started to catch really strong feelings for one another. But i had a feeling that it wouldnt last all that long because i was moving to Miami, Florida.



Starting December 24th, 2004, Oscar and I began to date. Only sad part was I was already living in Miami. I fell in love with him so quickly. He really was my world. Things shortly eneded after that but we did stay friends, and i always had feelings for him. We dated other people within that time. a year passed on and i went back to jersey the following november. i was so happy to see him. it was like my heart dropped when i saw him i still had suck strong feelings for him.



Another year passed on i was 16 and he was 17, he decided to enlist in the marines and i was so hurt. when he turned 18 i was already 17 and he went off to north carolina for boot camp. that when i told him that i still had very strong feelings for him. we began to start dating again. only way we talked to each other was by writting in letters. when he got out of boot camp we were able to talk on the phone a little big. anyways, everything started to get fucked up with i messed up the relationship and started talking to someone else. i know its bad because of how much i loved him. but hey simetimes you feel something might be wrong but you dont listen.



he broke up with me and now everyday i regret what i did. ive been trying to get him ever since but he wont take me back. i sit home everyday and i cry. i've been crying myself to sleep and everything. but you know what atleast he offered us to still be friends. i really do love him with all my heart i wanna marry him.



just people if you really love someone dont let them go and mess up like i did. cause in the end you will really regret it.





- Maggie (lokiiz)



-in dedication to Oscar Granados.


-iloveyou =[*


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