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      How it happend....


Well it's almost 12:30 AM that I'm writing this and I'm going to tell you how me and my boyfriend Colin got together. Well I'm 18 years old, and my 20 year old friend Stefan liked me at the time, I think he still does but anyways, there was one night on the weekend, it was a Saturday night, and I didn't want to go home, so I went back to Stefan's with him and Colin. We were just hanging out in the computer room and me and Colin were starting to talk to each other a lot and I guess that's where the attraction started, and every time Stefan went out of the room, Colin told me "Stefan has this idea that you like me", and I kind of gave it away accidentally by trying my best to change the subject, and Colin brought this up a few times that night and the next day because I spent the night there. Then the next day, around suppertime I guess it would have been, we went over to Colin's house, and now his parents have known me for a few years now, and they were quite surprised to see me there, and anyways, we went up to his brother's room and was watching TV because his didn't work in his room, and we kept on cuddling up to each other, and at one point I was sitting on his brother's bed and he laid down beside where I was sitting and so I started rubbing his back, and he held my other hand. We started dating like two days after that, and it was funny because I still didn't admit that I liked him, our relationship just kind of happened. It was November 3rd, 2008, and we were talking something about relationships and I was saying how this certain person would never be mine and he's like "can I be yours?" and I said "yeah" and he's like "you do realize what I'm asking you right" and I said "oh yeah I know" and that's how it happened.


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