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      My only girl


Wow, i thought ide never fall in love. i used to think life was pointless and that there wasnt a reason to be here on Earth. till one day i met her....

First time i saw her, me and my two best friends (who i skateboard with) had wanted me to come to the movies with them one night. it was the three of us and three girls, two of the girls liked one of my friend but hes a player and plays girls and stuff. but the other girl who i set my eyes she was the most BEAUTIFUL thing i have EVER seen.

i tried talking to her that night but it took me a while that night. she seemed shy and at first i didnt know she was new to the state. one day i sent her a message on myspace (which i still have saved) and just talked to her and found out she was new to the state. we would just talk and had conversations that flowed soo easily. one day, the seventh day(yes i do remember) that we jst kept sending the message back and forth, that seventh day, i had texted her and told her my true feelings for her and she told me she had strong feelings for me to.

since then we started going out. shes so amazing and so easily to talk to! ive never felt that way around anyone before. shes also soo perfect for me. i mean, how often do you hear that shes JUST like you but still different, her moms just like your moms, her dad is JUST like yourself. like her dad listens to the same music as i do, does the same stuff, and best of all, HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY! really, how often do you hear that?!

so yeah we were doing soo good, here and there we would have little arguments and what not and sometimes about stupid stuff. but we always fixed it in the same day and never left without fixing it. we were just so much in love with each other.

im fifteen and shes now fourteen. weve been together for ten amazing months!. one day, i felt something was wrong. she said nothing was up but i knew i couldnt believe that. the next day, she tried breaking up with me. she said "I'm sorry baby but i cant do this anymore" and she said she started crying but thankfully she was only a mile away from my house so i grabbed my skate board (oh and by the way, it was about 9 at night) and ran out the door to try and save us. later that night around ten i felt that we were ok then.

next day had come. she was at her house and i was at mine. 11.875 miles away from eachother. she finally broke up with me, nothing i could do to save us. its now been two weeks since weve been split up. this friday (12/12/08) will be our third week.

everyday we fight worse than ever. shes not the same anymore. we dont talk easy like we used to. we just dont talk anymore. before the break up, she said that we could chill like we used to and stuff. thats bull spit cause were not chilling. she doesnt want to see me, i can tell she doesnt want to. shes talking to this guy who i cant see how she likes him. hes so ugly (literaly! no one likes him!) and he does pot, acid, other drugs along that. i dont do any drugs! im drug free!

it makes me sad to see her with him. i just wanna shoot myslef and get it over with but i cant. i know if i get through this, i'll be stronger than ever before. she tells me one day we'll get back together and that she still loves me with all her heart and that were still getting married and having kids together. i believe her.

she also said she just wants to have fun in her teenage life. i dont see how she can have fun with us being together. love hurts and its complicated.

im done with the story.


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