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During my first year in middle school, I was sitting next to this guy named Adrian.We got 2 know each other pretty well.Then a crush formed in on him. But I never told him how I felt.


I really regret it though.....


1 month passed by and I still liked him.We still talked normally to each other.But after sometime,I found out he went out with a girl for 4 years during elementary school.Of course my heart was ripped apart thinkin "of course u have no chance,""whats wrong wit u liking him?"


I tried to give up on him...........

but couldn't..........


But then he only went out wit the pretty girls during that month.And I knew I had no chance since I wasn't pretty.Boys would always say to me "why u so ugly?" or "your so ugly."


Inside I always cried thinking that Adrian would never like me.But sometimes I would think he did like me since he would always annoy and mock me.


But there was this one day......


He told me I was annoying but just laughed when he said that hiding my pain.Then after some days being my usual self that was annoying to him,tiwce when I would call out his name, he would shout at me wit a mean voice saying 'wat'!!!


Then I just ignored him when he would shout that,and people would say "why u gotta be so mean?"


then after we finally got separated into different seats.we never talked or hung out like before for 2 months then...............


If u wanna know the rest of the story e-mail me at =)






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