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      My best friend


In the tenth grade i was seriously dating a guy named Jake, and i deserved better. i deserved better and it took me two years to realize how this guy was ripping me apart piece by piece. i don't know though. i guess I'd felt that i had been with this one person for so long that maybe this is who i was supposed to end up with. i was, unfortunately, convinced of this.


as months went by, i met a guy named Matt in my bio class. He was different from Jake, and that's all i needed. i knew that he didn't feel the same way about me a s i did about him.....because to put it bluntly...i had fallen for him hard, whether i wanted to or not. it was completely out of my control. But i kept this to only two people: my self and my best friend Kaime.


by the end of September, Matt and i were really good friends and he too realized that i deserved better than Jake. But i still felt that if i left him i would be alone, and i don't wanna be alone. At lunch on a Thursday afternoon i walked to McDonald's with Matt. We ate in his church parking lot and he told me that he did actually have feelings for me. That day was like heaven because i had a gut feeling that i could be happy again.


So i left Jake and I've been with Matt for a glorious amount of time. and although our limits are tested every day by our authority, friends, and each's gonna last because in the end we make each other happy and that's all we need. To say that i am head-over-heals in love with him would be a great understatement. He is one of my greatest friends and i love him with all of my heart. i am very happy to say that we are engaged and we plan to set a date today!! I AM IN LOVE WITH MATTHEW DAVID DOOLHOFF!!


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