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      The Blessing i calls Baby


it started when i was 15 years old, I got my first job at Arby's. I met the love of my life name Terrell. He acting like the adverage boy running around doin wat he do and who he do, you know what many boys now days do. I was a party chick i went to every party that was known i was wild but i never disrespected my self no matter how i was feeling at the time. I was in a relationship with a boy name Jerico who at the time was locked-up. He was my first love so at the time i was going throw a heartache and to me being with with my friends and family dancing at parties was my way of dealing with my situation. I was a young girl who gave my heart to whom my family thought was the wrong person but to me it was a different story i was in love and thats all dat matter to me.

As time went by i start to realize that im to young to be in the situation i was in at the time, dats when Terrell came in the picture. We worked together for about 4 months. He was a player type he thought he had girls here and there in that was what i didnt like about him, so i didnt want to get involved with him but for some reason i was attracted to him. He did not always act like the boy next door he had a different side of him and that was the side i liked. Everytime we talked it was crazy. We talked about any and everything that came to our head for hours. He was concerned about me and thats had me confused. From being with him at work made me catch feeling for him but it wasnt right because of the fact that i had a boyfriend so i tryed to pay him no mind (which did not work out like i planned) so, i had to make it right. I broke up with my boyfriend before things got out of hand. I was falling for this boy dat i only knew for 4 months v.s. a boy i was wit since i was 13.

He made me feel better about who i am and it was a crazy feeling to me because i never felt like that way before not even with my ex. I felt something between us that was stronger then all the others. He made me laugh when im was mad about something. He never disrespacted me and any type of way. He was always there when i need him and i love him for that. Its things that i feel comfortable talking to him about then anyone else and to me that's the best feeling. Its many people in relationships that dont feel that way about the person they're with no matter how long they've been together and for me to only be 17 and have a chance to experience that now makes me love who i am more. I am in love and im not ashmed of it. I love my baby even tho sometimes he makes me sick (lol) but every body aint perfect and every relationship damn sure isn't perfect. If i had a chance to change any thing about him i wouldnt be able to tell you. I love the way he is and who i am when im with him. He went from the boy next door to the love of my life and til this day we've been together for 13 months and im pround to say i love your my heart and i hope i can experience this feeling for the rest of my life.( in a way i thank my ex for introducing me to the love i have because if it wasnt for him i wouldnt but this happy with who im with now)


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