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Okay, this is a "high school sweethearts" kind of story...

Bryan and I started dating during high school and continued on through most of college, for a total of six years. We were each others first love, kiss, etc. and we were engaged to be married. But we had come to a point in our lives where we needed to "spread our wings" before committing, so to speak, so we agreed to split for awhile.

It was absolutely devastating for me. He of course, immediately found someone to take my place, and went through 3 or 4 others after that before I met and got married to someone else 2 years later. He begged me not to do it, but he respected my decision to go ahead with it.

That was 5 years ago, and the feelings I had for him are still there, my heart belongs to him, always has. I currently have one child (boy) and am unhappily married. He recently married a year ago and is getting ready to file for divorce, he also has one child (girl). And get this, both our children's names are the same and they're even spelled the same way, and I promise we had no idea and it was not planned.

Since the day we broke up, we have remained good friends, and have been there for each other when we needed someone to talk to. I too, am currently considering divorce as I am in an emotionally/verbally abusive relationship, not because Bryan is getting one.

Since the day he left, he has told me over and over how I am the one he loves, but I never gave in because our breakup had hurt so much and I too, knew he was "the one" for me, but I was always afraid of hurting people if I left my marriage for him.

We still talk to eachother about our lives and deep down I know he and I will end up together again, and that's funny I say that, because just the other day when we were talking he said to me..."someday I know we'll be back together again."


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