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      I found love in my best friend......


i was dating a guy that i'd known since the 8th grade and we had been together for almost two years, but none of my friends or family approved and told me that i deserved better. they told me this for years, and for years i spaced them out.


after me and jake, the guy, got closer he cheated on me with my best friend. i looked it over and didnt leave him, my first mistake, so he left me. we got back together 4 days later, my second mistake. in the end he'd cheated on me two more times. before i broke up with him i made a friend named Matt i my 10th grade bio class. by the end of september i broke up with jake.


As me and matt be came closer friends, i grew feelings for him. but i was convinced he didnt feel the same. one day at school we walked to mcdonalds for lunch. we ate in his church parking lot and by the end of the day he was tellin me how much he liked me. but i couldn't date him because i was with jake.


now me and matt have been dating two months and we are happy as ever. he tells me every day how much he loves me a dn how we are meant to be together, and i couldn't agree more....


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