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      Her Boogerface, his Boogerbutt


November 2004 is when it all started. You asked for my number and I, surprisingly gave it to you. You told me you'd call around midnight, so I figured you'd be like the rest of those boys out there.. only wanting someone to talk sweet to and then disappear once you got what you had wanted. This phone friendship eventually led us to wanting to spend time together. Finally we made it official. We had a good 4 years, occasionally having our ups and downs. Then a few days after our 4 year anniversary you told me that your feelings were different. That you didn't think you were in love with me anymore. I didn't understand, and I was in pain. They say heartbreak is the worst feeling in the world, and its true. One week after our breakup you decided to visit me. You took the 5 hour drive up here, and spent the whole weekend with me. We didn't resolve anything, and then you left. When you left, I didn't feel right. I felt like we should have worked out the differences and not just throw away the passed 4 years. You reassured me that you would think everything over and eventually let me know.

I wake up Monday morning. Scared, and feeling very unpleasant. I immediately call in at work. The general manager answered and was, for once, very understanding of my "sickness". I call one of my coworkers and explain the whole story to her. She agrees to take my Tuesday shift. I don't know what was going on inside my head but I had my mind on driving straight to Los Angeles, and getting you back, because I couldn't believe the words you said. I called your best friend and told him "you have to find a way to get David to be in front of the House of Blues in Anaheim at 10pm tonight," he said he wasn't sure how he would do it, but he would find a way. As I'm passing the exit to your home, I immediately call your friend and tell him "I'm 10 minutes away from downtown Disney, find a way to tell him to go." I'm sitting on a bench across the Build-a-bear workshop (which is right next door to the house of blues, but i'm hiding behind these plants, but also peeking thru them to watch and see when you'd walk up. Finally you are standing in front of the house of blues. Beside the fountain... where you we had our first date, and where you held my hand for the very first time... i planned this. You sit in front of the fountain on the bench looking down at the ground. I walk up to you and im looking down at you.. you still looking at the ground. Then you finally notice my shoes.. and then recognized my purse... then looked up with the biggest smile on your face saying "what's going on?" You went there thinking you had to give a give a ride home to your "drunk" best friend. lol. But it was really just an excuse to get you to meet me, where we had our first date. I looked at you and said "you know why im here right?" you said "right". "im here because you are the best thing that has ever happened in my life, and im never letting you go." You smiled. And suddenly we were back. I meant what i said, I'm never letting you go. And I know you will never let me go.. ever again. Because we are the real deal babe. I just got lost in my own little world, and didn't realize i was almost losing you along the way. I guess no matter what gender, sexuality, or age... everyone wants to be romanced. And if you love someone enough.. you'd do anything for them. I hope somewhere in the world there is someone reading this and smiling.. because just thinking about that whole situation, and that smile on him face when he looked up... brings me to tears, tears of joy. Not everyone can say the found the love of their life at the age of 17. We just happened to be one of those fortunate ones.


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