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I met him in high school by the tree in the courtyard. We were sixteen. He was tall and so handsome.

One day I rode the bus home with him and we walked in the woods behind his house and came upon a creek. We both threw pennies in and made wishes.

From that day on we were inseperable. We went camping in vermont with my family and had the best summer at the lake. We were always together. He was my best friend.

We were so in love. One night, he rode his bike to my house all the way from his about 20 miles just to see me. We even lost our virginity to eachother. There are so many more memories that are too much to write.

It didn't last long. I was young and foolish and I broke up with him.

Almost 3 years after that our lives crossed again but only a short fling. We were 19. We lost touch. I missed him and thought about him from time to time but I eventually moved on.

Then just a couple of weeks ago my friend, who also was a friend of ours in high school, ran into him at the bank. They swapped #'s and my friend told me all he could do was keep changing the subject back to me. So, I called him and it's like old times again.

We have no grudges and he wants to hang out again. I am so happy. We are both 23 now and I still feel the same way about him today as I did when we were in love back in high school. I just don't know if he feels the same about me. My best friend thinks he does but you never know, we're grown now and I'm sure we've both changed.

I will update this in either the love story section or the heartache section. I really hope it will be the love story section.


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