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      The Boy I Truly Love.


I met him in first grade. He was my brothers best friend and we starting to be friends ever since. We would mess around, like a regular 6 and 7 year old would do. He liked me first. What a surprise that is today. Well he would come over a lot and one day he pulled me into a "secret room" I had in my bedroom. He told me he liked me a lot and then he leaned in to kiss me. I was 6 and i didn't know what to expect. I rubbed it off but I did have feelings for him and after the first kiss i new what a kiss was. We showed are brothers (my older brother and his younger brother) what we had done. I was so happy. He was the first boy i had feelings for and I thought it would last forever! We would be together a lot and just play around, only because we were young. He soon stopped liking me and I did too. In the fourth grade he moved to Japan. His father was in the navy and he was ordered to go there. I missed him too much. After two long years he came back to America. I was rejoiced! We went to go see movies and it was back to normal. Then i found out he moved to Michigan. He went there and started to only come down in summer time. Last summer he came down and we talked for about 5 minutes but i fell in love again. I could not stop thinking about him, he was my everything. Today I barley see him but I do think I am deeply and truly in love with him. The sad part about this story is he is Michigan and I am not, he probably doesn't even think of me. I think about our first kiss and wonder if i was his first kiss. When I don't think about the bad things I am away from the earth and i just see me and him 7 years ago. I think about that too much and it hurts me because i have never felt this intense about a guy before and here where i live people are interested in bodies and looks and i fell like he isn't like that he is my soul mate and i hope he would come to realize that and if not then i wouldn't want any man


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