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      One Summer Evening


First of all, I would like to say that my summer was dull. I was planning on going to Citywalk in Orlando with some friends to The Groove, a club, on a teen night. Then, one of my good friend's sisters messaged me on myspace inviting me to a surprise birthday party for my friend. She was turning 16. Ahh, Sweet Sixteen. It was to go to her house and then from there, a limo ride to the country/hip-hop dance club, Cowboys. In my mind I was thinking, "Hmm, something tells me that I should go to her birthday party, and skip Citywalk... Who knows, maybe I'll meet someone." I was single at the time, and still suffering a heartbreak from what I considered to by my "first love". We had broken up seven months ago, and things were up and down as we tried to talk it out, but each time we had failed. I decided it was time to finally move on.

So move on I did.

It was July, and the hottest one ever, here in Florida. It was the 29th. A Tuesday. The time was around 6:30, and the sun was beginning to sink beneath the summer sky. I was on my way to my friend's house, because everyone had to meet there before we left in the limo. There were six girls attending, including me, and three boys, including who would eventually be my boyfriend. :) The time was 6:40 something, and I entered my friend's house. Her mom greeted me and pointed at the table where I could sit down and munch on snacks untill the others arrived. I noticed a boy had arrived already, I didn't know if he was attending the party or not, because he looked older to me. He sat down on the other side of me at the table and introduced his self. His name was Joseph. He started to make small talk with me, asking me what school I went to, if I played any sports, blah blah blah. The whole time I was thinking, WOW he's HOTTT! Haha. After about five minutes passed, one of my friends arrived. I turned around to say hi, but I mouthed the words, "OH MY GOSH. He is SO cute!" to her instead. Haha.

Some time passed, we surprised my friend, and we climbed into our chariot that would take us downtown for a good time. During the limo ride, we were screaming, throwing ice, laughing, and just having fun. Joseph and I were starting to flirt. :) He was throwing ice of me. I know, childish right, for a bunch of 16-year olds? Haha.

We entered the western-city bar and dance club. There were a lot of country people and rednecks in this place. The guys that were playing pool all stared at us, and the girls gave us dirty looks. We sort of over-dressed for the occasion. We were all a little shy, as we didn't really know what to do. There was no crowd on the dance floor, only about 10 or 15 kids line dancing to some country songs. Do not get me wrong, I'm a southern girl and I like my country, so I wasn't hatin' on this joint. I had nooo clue how to line dance though! Boy was I in for some fun!

Well, we started messing around, and before we knew it, we were all dancing to music. My friends, except for the girl whose party we were at, don't really like country. So we were dancing funny and joking around. I was getting tired of it, so I just stood around. I guess Joseph was standing around too, and we wandered over to each other, not even knowing it. Suddenly, a slow song begins to play. I say, "Aww man..." disappointed that I knew I had no one to dance with, or so I thought. Joseph held out his hands and asked me if I wanted to dance. Secretly screaming inside with joy, I said yes, and we started dancing. This was my first slow dance with a boy. Ever. I rested my head on his shoulder as the song played on. Our song is "Must Be Doin' Something Right" by Billy Currington. :) After the song finished, we ended up dancing together for the rest of the night. This was turning out to be the best night I'd had the whole summer. As we danced and held each other close, I knew there was a connection. The birthday girl's friends were asking us if we were together now. We just looked at them all and smiled.

It was time to leave. We climbed back in the limo. I sat in the middle, and Joseph sat next to me. We started driving away, and he put his arm around me. We talked and laughed and smiled and looked into each other's eyes, feeling something really special all the way home.

We got to the birthday girl's house and went inside. It was time for all of us to leave, and so we did. Joseph walked me out to my friend's car, because she was taking me home. We had to hurry, because it was past all of our driving curfews. He and I both knew that we did not want the lovely summer evening to end. But it had to. He asked me for my number and if I would be able to see him again. Of course I said yes and gave him my number, and with that, a kiss good-bye, and I was off to return to my home.

That night I came home talking to all my close friends about this wonderful evening and boy I had met. I kept telling them all I felt something really good about him. I really did.

He texted me at 1:30 in the morning, asking me if I would like to go to dinner and see a movie on Thursday, because Friday he was leaving to go with his family to the Keys for a week. I said yes.

Wednesday passed, and we talked the whole day. Then, Thursday came. I was nervous about the date. I didn't know what to wear, what his step-dad would think of me. I decided to just throw something on and go with the flow. His step-dad picked me up and drove us to the movie theater. We aren't 17 yet, so he bought us tickets to go see The Happening. We snuck in. And wouldn't you believe it, it was the very last showing, and we were the only two people in the theater! It was pretty nice. We watched the movie, almost the whole thing, but by the end, well, you know us teenagers, all kissy-kissy in theaters all the time. :) Haha. We left. It was now 9:30 and dark. All the stars had come out into the black summer sky. The white July moon lit our way as we walked, wondering where we would eat. We walked to Wendy's, but the door was locked. He decided we should walk through the drive-thru to see if they would give us food. I kept telling him they wouldn't, and we laughed about it, but he insisted we walk through it. So we did. No, we didn't get any food. Haha. The people inside were laughing at us, and we laughed at our foolishness and sillyness right along with them. We continued walking, hand-in-hand, following each other, and not having a clue where we would go. We stopped in the middle of the road, just as Ally and Noah did in The Notebook, and of course, me being a little skittish, said, "Can we please get out of the street?" Haha. I laughed, he laughed. No cars were around. He was hungry, so we continued to search for food. All the stores were closing, because it was time for the town to sleep. We weren't ready to sleep. We walked into Super Target for Pizza Hut, but they were closed. At last, we walked across the street to Smokey Bones, and decided we'd eat there. We sat at the bar, laughing and talking. I wasn't hungry, so he just bought me a drink. When we were finished, we walked out in the parking lot to wait for his mom to come take us home. It was now 11:30 at night. We were playing around, flirting, laughing, and smiling some more. Finally he asks, "So... Officially, will you go out with me?" And I looked into his eyes and said, "I'd love to."


My junior year at high school has begun. We do not attend the same school, and Joseph lives 20 minutes away. We can only see each other once a week. It's hard, but we both agree that it's worth it.

September came, and after a day of spending time with him for his little sister's birthday, and his cousin's birthday, I began to feel really sad. So sad, I was teary eyed, because I had to come home, which meant I wouldn't be with Joseph. I cried when I got home for a bit. Cried at the thought of losing him, and also, just how much I wanted to be with him. I wondered why I was so upset. This has never happened to me before. But then it hit me. I had fallen in love with this boy. Later that night, I told him why I was upset, and that I cried when I came home. I cried, because I just never want to lose Joseph. Ever. I finally blurted out, "I love you. I mean it." And he said, "Babe, I love you too. I have wanted to say it a bunch of times, but I wasn't sure, because I didn't want you to think it wasn't meaningful." A week passed. We were playing that question game we always play, where we just ask each other questions and answer truthfully. I asked him if there was ever anything he didn't want to tell me because he was scared to or didn't know how to say it, and he said no. He asked me the same question. I told him honestly why I cried the weekend before. He said, "Babe, I love you very much, and i would do anything in the world before somethin' happened to our relationship. I am not going anywhere. You don't have to worry 'bout that at all. You are one of very few people that make me truly happy, down to the deepest part of my heart, and I would not give that up for the world's hottest girl, or for a lifetime supply of money. True happiness is not somethin' you run across every day, and I am not about to give that up without a fight. And that is a fight 'till death." Yeah, those were his exact words. He also said this:

(9:14:38 PM) : you mean so much to me babe i hope i did not make you think that i was going to leave you or anything like that. i love you with all my heart and i mean that with every ounce of honesty i can come up with.

(9:15:18 PM) : i am not going anywhere unless the man above calls for me i am yours for life

(9:16:12 PM) : and well i guess there was somethin' i have thought 'bout a couple times but did not say anything to you b/c i did not know if you would take me seriously

(9:18:21 PM) : but i feel that just from the time we have spent together and the way you make me feel from deep inside and i know this might sound a little crazy but i feel that i would truly want to spend the rest of my life with you

(9:18:45 PM) : you are like nothin' else and i hope that you would feel the same way 'bout me.

(9:19:51 PM) : and just so you know, that isnot something i have ever said to anyone and when i say that i really mean it.

(9:20:10 PM) : you are really something special to me.

(9:20:23 PM) : and i need you to know that.

From that moment on, our love has only grown stronger and stronger. We might only be two teenagers, but high school sweethearts exist you know. I believe it was fate. We both suffered from our former first-love-breakups, our hearts completely crushed. But Joseph and I have picked up the pieces and help each other rebuild our hearts, and we have made them stronger than ever.

Joseph is the only boy I have ever had faith in and one of the few people who I can just trust without having to have them prove it to me first.

Something bad has happened and it has gotten him into some serious trouble, and we've had difficulties seeing and talking to each other lately. It was just a matter of bad luck, and his parents, my parents, and myself all know that. This bad thing has only made our love even stronger, too. He said he needs me now. And I know I need him.

We are still together and happier than ever. And I really hope our love lasts forever and we do not break the promises we've made to each other. I don't doubt him, and he doesn't doubt me... but we both know that we love each other very much and now that we know what we'd be without, we can't stand the thought of losing each other.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the future.


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