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      It may be long but you won't regret it...Sarah Jilg


When Trevor and I broke up i was devastated I hide my feelings going deep into my emo ways that i gave up just to be the perfect girlfriend. i went deep I cut my hair and began wearing all black and cutting myself too. I didn't talk to anyone for months. In school if the teacher called on my i just walked out i didn't want to talk to them. I broke my phone so no one would call and i cut the line to my home phone. I didn't care anymore all i wanted was to not have to feel the pain that came with losing the one i loved most. My name is Sarah Jilg and i am emo. I closed my heart to the outside world not wanting it to ever be hurt and crushed again.

I describe it to being in a terrible car accident but being called a heart accident. Where you're in a car and it crashes you're on the ground being crushed. you see people just walking by but not caring enough to to stop and help you. So you sit there and suffer in silence but after awhile the pain dulls and you start to rely on that because you know now that if anyone lifts that car off you you will feel the pain once again. So you sit there and watch the world spin by. not giving a shit anymore. I know that i need to sit there now because if i do i might feel again and that is more than i can handle.

But then i made a mistake i cried out for help and he saw me laying there helplessly. I was hurting and i couldn't stand it anymore. so i made that mistake an di may one day pay for it if i get in another heart accident again.


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