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well i was in the seventh grade when i first met him. we were great friends only bacause he use to like my friend. she knew he liked her and she liked him back but he was shy and hr didnt really know if she was going to like her back. so he nevr asked her out.

anyways one day my brother had a party and his big brother was invited i was happy because i liked him but i was sure he liked my friend, anyhow we were in my room alone with the door closed nothing freaky though.... i really got the chance to get to actually know him and i fell deeply and madly in love with him. after a few months everyone in school told me he liked me so i txted him and asked him if it was truth he answered me of course, i was so happy i kept on smiling that day. then we went together with some friends and we were holding hands and we kissed so we automatically knew we were going out so we stayed late talking on the phone we were so happy we went out for 4 months then he left the country 2 days before he came back he broke up with methen when i was in 8th grade he asked me out again because he said that he stilled loved me and he cant get me off is head i was so happy rememberinh how terrible i had felt when he left me but now were together and we love each other so much. and were planning on a future together even though were still very young. my point is that even when he left me i never gave up hope. my friend never got mad at me. and we LOVE each other so much!!!! =]


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