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      My first love


i knew him through text and it's kinda long to tell you the story how...maybe next time. anyway,he is older than me and taller as well. we don't let any minute pass without asking what we are doing. and i spend most of my money for loads. he changed me. from once a young and ignorant to a lady who is not shy to show what she feels. he love me for who i am and not for what i have. i feel it yet i have to leave my place to pursue my studies to another island. he asked if i could change my decision but it is already final. he was sad and even cried. i changed my number because i shifted to another network just to follow my cousin's plead. he was sad because we can not text each other the way we were before. until the time i leave my hometown and we never saw each other again. we missed text each other for days and it went to weeks till months and so on. i got irritated and finally text him goodbye. he replied days later and he told me he had faced family problems and he hoped that i would understand him. i asked what is it then he told me to respect him. that was his last text for me. weeks after, my friend told me about the problems that my bf had or should i call him my ex-bf. his sister which is my friend's classmate told her. it was not complete but the main point is that their family is facing a big problem. so i text him that i will always be here for him whenever he needs me but he never replied at all.

i still hold on to his promise that after all these things that he is trying to fix, he will prove his love for me. and i told him I'll wait. weeks later, i got a chance to go back to my hometown even just for a short period of time and i passed to their house hoping that i could see him but i didn't see any of his shadow. the Jeep stopped at a corner and there he goes...he is with another girl. and i even saw in his mail that someone is calling him "pa". i scold myself because of believing that he'll be back but i was wrong. he moved on so easy and found another girl to replace me. and to be honest, i still hope that he'll be back. that's how gaga i am to him. i even ignore the fact that i am his 151st gf and 3rd seriously loved girl.

jeeeeez!i still love him and there were guys i met yet i could only be friends to them because my heart still belongs to him.


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