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      In Love with a prostitute




I know what you are thinking but please don't. I am a busy middle age man who does not love his wife but cannot afford to divorce. I have been in love before and lost, i know one thing for sure that the girls i could fall in love with.. well they don't love me back!!


The modern media has created such expectations in both sexes that we cant love the average people yet that is exactly what we are (alas).


So I decided to go and see a professional (prostitute). The first girl i met, i liked her so much that i never went to another one.


At first i liked having sex with her, its amazing feeling you know. You are middle age man running after so many girls and no one giving you the time of the day, you vie for a touch of a beautiful girl and you don't get it, but here you can do what you like, after a few visits she let me kiss her, caress her or do whatever I liked because she liked me also or because i was a regular I don't care, really don't give a shit.


Slowly I have fallen in love with her, its just so perfect, whenever i see her she is happy to see me, she makes me feel over the moon and special, no complaints no regrets, i don't even have to pretend, I am myself with her.


I see her twice a month now, once i told her ' I love you' and she said oh baby that's bit too spicy he he.. well too right in real life a girl like that would not want me but i can love her no one can stop me from doing that.


I can keep my marriage, live in my house and i can see my kids everyday and i can make love to this gorgeously young and beautiful girl. I can have it all.


Is it wrong?!? to cheat on your wife? to love a prostitute? to pay for sex? I dont think so!!!


What is wrong with making the most of your situation. The system we live in is designed to destroy a single earning man if he leaves his family and you only live once. so why not live it and like it huh?


ladies and gentlemen please comment your views...


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