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      Follow your heart


Five years ago I met someone that I didn't realize would change my life forever. This man and I hit it off, right from the start, I found it easy to talk to him, confide in, and just be myself around. Didn't have to prove anything to him, he was accepting me unconditionally.

He had feelings for me, but I was stand offish about stating a relationship with him, and he accepted that, and was still my friend.

We ended up hanging out together, laughing together, acting goofy together, and crying together. We would drink coffee and stay up late hours and have conversations, I remember never wanting the evenings to end, as he didn't take advantage of the situation, and was just there, and listened to me.

Then one day, our whole world changed. I realized what I was looking for was right in front of my face. Someone that cared, accepted me for who I was, not judgemental on past life, and someone that was just a good friend. I found myself falling in love with this man after about a year, and after 5 years of the hell we have been through, in life events, I am still in love with this man.

A lot of people didn't like him, a lot of people would try to tell me to find someone else, and during the 5 years I listened to other people. I tried new relationships, went through hell, and back, and all the time, he was in the background, still being my friend. If we couldn't be a couple, he was willing to stay my friend. He put his feelings aside, and was my ever so true friend. He never once degraded me for trying to move on, he was always there when I fell. I have come to realize that I am never going to "replace" this man that I love so deeply in my heart. He is my soulmate, my lover, and my best friend in the whole world.

I learned a hard lesson in life, and that is not to listen to other people, because they go on with their merry life, while you are sitting there asking yourself "why" do I listen to them. They are not the one that is living my life, and you end up the unhappy one. A lot of emptiness inside, knowing where your heart is and trying to replace it with someone else, just doesn't get it. I know that I am deeply in love with this man, he has shown me nothing but respect, and love and understanding.

To Ray, my soulmate, my lover and my best friend in the world, I love you forever and I just want to thank you for not giving up on "us". We are going to have a happy life together, a forever happiness,,,, How do I know this? Because it is in my heart, and follow my heart is what I am going to do.

Thank you for loving me, and standing by me, and not giving up.

I love you


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