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and Morgan met in 6th grade... sadly. We did not like each other at all. Then a year went by and I came to the first day of school with my hair down and makeup on. Quickly Morgan reacted upon my newly found popularity. We soon became the best of friends it was me her Hannah and blythe friends for ever. We were the cool crew every one in our grade was our so called friend, there was just one group ahead of us that we all swore that we would never be their friends. The leader of that group of three ahead of us on the food chain was named Macy r. She was the most popular 7th grader and if u were friends with her you got invited to everything. Her older brother basically made her popular and I Hannah Morgan and blythe absolutely hated her. As time wore on in that year I and Hannah became closer than the other girls. We told stories of us on 4wheelers and streets and fairs, Morgan and blythe soon became jealous but some how that only grew our friendship with each other. Then Hannah started drifting from our group into Macysís group, leaving me friendless, hopeless, and abandon. Soon it came close to spring break and I was growing even more depressed by the day. One night about a week before spring break I and my mother had gotten in a huge fight I was so upset I did something that I regret from this day and only three people in this whole world know what I did. I had hurt my self, I had always had problems but this really got to me after I realized what I did I vowed to myself that I would never do it again. When it got to spring break the scars had still no healed and I was in a panic, Morgan was going with me to sea side and I trusted her so much that I told her everything. Even though I was not cutting anymore I was nervous that I would still get into trouble so I thought Morgan could help me, and she did. She was the best friends had ever had but yet she still was hurtful. At sea side we met up with a group of boys from Nashville I had a crush on Ryan the head of the crew, we kept talking for a couple of months but nothing ever happened between us he had never even asked me out so I dropped him he was the 2nd person I told, the last person I told was my friend Zach because he still had cut himself and I wanted to help him and I could have I no it made me feel better. When we got back from spring break it was a group of 3 me, Morgan, and blythe. Soon summer came and I had the best I fell for a boy then I actually got him but when he wanted more than a hug I dumped him. Soon it was school again, I hated my schedule I had every single class with Macy and only 2 classes with Morgan and 3 with blythe. We all began to drift but I still hung out with then after school and in pe. They hated that I didnít hang out with then in lunch, but I wanted every one to become friends whom I soon found out is impossible, I hung out with Hannah Susie Christina and Macy. Everyone hated me for it but one day abrey my good friend told me Morgan had been talking smack about me, and at this time I still considered for her to be my best friend, so I was crushed and so I then wrote her a long note that drove me into tears writing it. It basically said that I canít be friends with someone who hate me and that it hurts now to even look at her. She was devastated I remember seeing her cry, I couldnít handle it I loved her she was my best friend I quickly came to comfort her we both had shredded tears and said sorry. We soon were best friends again. Sadly it didnít last me blythe and Morgan were† standing around a big tree talking about how I might got to Decatur high next year and I had 4got my cell so I asked blythe if I could borrow hers. When I was calling my mom for being late blythe got a text and I glanced down at the phone and it was from Morgan saying how she hopes Ill leave. I automatically started crying and told them both that I will never be there friend again. Me and them donít speak sometimes I hear something they call me just last week I was a whore because of my volleyball uniform, which I have no idea how thatís whorish anyway I am no friends with great friends me and Hannah are BEST friends then me and macy and Christina and suzzie!!! Haha I love my friends and they for once love me back.†these gurls helped me find my true love


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