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well it all started at the beginning of the holidays, my best friend had given me her cousins email address, and me thinking

"haha this will be great, she'll go away for the 2 weeks and

him and i will get together".

Well it happened, we got together towards the end of the holidays.

Everything was fabulous, he loved me, i loved him, simple. oh no was i wrong. I met his friends, they were great, i met his dad, he was nice, i stayed around his house, everything. It was unmistakably heaven, or at least it felt like that.

I was falling so deeply for him, and i thought that he was the same for me. It came along that one night, i finally said it, i told him just how much i loved him. "i love you". 3 words, 8 letters. 1 meaning.. he looked me in the eye after i said it, he leaned forward and after one very long passionate kiss, he told me that he loved me too..

Well, that was it for me, i just melted in his arms. he kissed me for, it seemed, forever. We made love, and fell into each others arms i was great. life and love was great, we had our song, we held each others hand, we kissed in public, i loved him, he loved me... We had been together for so long, months..

That was until....

One day not so long ago, we were planning for me to stay at his house again. But something small had happened all of a sudden and i couldn't go. And of course i was disappointed, i loved him and not seeing him was killing me each moment of the never ending day. And then as i sat onto the couch, i looked at my phone. "ooh a text message from my gorgeous boyfriend" i thought as i lifted my phone to read it. My heart raced, as it always did whenever i thought of him. i open it. i read his text.

"listen, you're going to hate me for this, but in the

long run it'll be better for the both of us, i'm breaking

up with you. I'm sorry, try not to be sad or angry just

look at it as a new beginning".

I burst into tears, they wouldn't stop running down my face, i cried and i cried. i felt like something had died inside of me.

My heart raced then, and to this very day it still does. It takes all my effort not to cry when people speak his name. I only hope that he will realise how much he loved me, or that i will be able to move on and find another man, that loves me and always will.


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