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      Finding Mr. Wright!


I was a junior in High School when I first met him.  It was a Saturday night and I was hanging out with one of my girl friends in the movie theater parking lot.  She was doing her job by helping me feel better about a bad break up that I had.  Two guys drove by in a truck and the guy in the passenger seat yelled out the window.  Me being the daring person that I was, yelled back.  I wasn't expecting what happened next.  They reversed and stopped to talk to us. 

My friend got out of the car and walked over to talk to them.  For some reason, I suddenly choked up.  These guys where hot!  I became shy and I didn't talk to rest of the time that we were around them.  The driver didn't talk a lot either.  The guy in the passenger seat developed a thing for my friend and asked for her number.  She gave it to him.

The next weekend, the guy called up my friend and asked her if we wanted to go on a double date with them.  We said yes.  We met them at a Mexican restaurant.  It was awkward.  I didn't talk and neither did the guy that was driving the last time that we had seen them.  After we ate, we went to the park and sat and talked to each other.  My friend and I had to leave so we thanked them for the meal and left.

On the way home, the guy that liked my friend called her and told her that his friend wanted my number.  That's how everything started.  She gave it to him and he called me that night.  We talked for a week and then he came to my house on a Friday night and asked me out.

He has been so good to me.  He bought me a new cell phone, my car, a house, a horse, and numerous other things.  He loves me, and he lets me as well as everyone else know that he loves me.

We are still together today.  We have had our ups and downs, but what couple hasn't.  We are deeply in love and planning to get married this summer! 


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