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He was handsome. I took the chance to stare his face as he wasseriously walking toward us. Wow, I cannot get my eyes from him. Hishair was perfectly tousled and mussed. He was tall that maybe thisheight of mine is just about on his shoulder level. He looked so freshand neat. His dark brown eyes looked so fierce- so firm yet passionate.I wonder what his course is. I was about to get my eyes from this mini-obsession when his eyes met mine. What a shame! He caught me staring athim.

Amidst the embarrassment I felt I still turned my head onhim when he already passed our spot not knowing that he was alreadylooking back at me. I smiled…but he didn’t. His eyes stayed still andblank. I didn’t mind it… but then I caught his smile with thosebeautiful white teeth as I turned and walked away. I then, rememberedthat I was not alone walking. I was with Ana Jane actually and we wereeating pineapple chunks (that was after lunch). I told her about theguy,

“An, he’s handsome, isn’t it?”


“There”, pointing the guy in our back.

“I didn’t noticed him”, she said while biting the last chunk.

“Well,next time I will certainly call your attention to see him clearly.”, Iresponded as I threw the plastic cellophane in the green garbage pit.

That was the scene when I first saw him as we were entering the gate 2 of the university. Until …

Onecasual morning I rode on a jeep to Obrero(where my school is).I sat atthe right being the first passenger near the driver, near him.Actually, I didn’t really know that it was him… but the aura of the guywas so strong that I couldn’t take a long time to look on him. Hisvoice is so deep…so nice to the ear when he said;

“palihog daw..” handing to me the 6 pesos fare.

Oh my god, I felt his big smooth hands against mine as I passed the fare to the jeepney driver.

Asthe jeep stopped at the corner of the university I really waited for myturn to rode off because there were other students who sat near thepass out. I then realized that the guy next to me was not moving out….Ithen figured it out so …taking the chance, I rode off- he’s such agentle man.

I turned my head to the students at my back who also rode off, then I found his familiar figure. Yes! I found him! What abeautiful creature – my obsession.


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