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      You changed my life


Years ago I made a promise to myself. Never fall in love again. I had every intention on keeping that promise. I didn't want the pain, heartaches, stress or turmoil of a relationship....until I met him.

This is my story about the loving, caring man who showed my how to love again.

I met him about a year ago, we became friends, good friends. I could tell he wanted more and I wasn't willing to give more of myself even though I knew deep down I could easily fall in love with this man. I admit to avoiding him, I admit to giving him the cold shoulder when we did talk, something I regret now. Luckily for me, this wonderful man kept coming back, sometimes we wouldn't talk for weeks, even months, but I knew he was always there. He never gave up on me, which made me realize he wasn't going anywhere. He was going to be there for me whether I wanted him to or not.

We finally started a relationship, which was one sided. He gave all of himself to me and I gave nothing. Yet another regret I have. Through our hardships he has taught me many lessons which I cherish.

I woke up one morning and it finally dawned on me that I have something some people will never have the pleasure of having. True Love. I now give all of myself to him, no holding back, never taking him for granted anymore.

You are everything to me, my life, my love, my future husband.

Dale, you never let me down, now its my turn. I want the world to know that I'll love you forever and always.

Thank you for showing me true love really does exist.


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