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A few years ago, I met this girl. She was a year older than me but who cares? I first saw her on my way to my first class. She was going up the stairs as I was going down. She had long black hair with a red ribbon, she was smiling and laughing with her friends. Our eyes locked only for a second but I was already mesmerized. I spent the rest of the day in a daze thinking about those beautiful brown eyes. How her face lit up when she laughed. Bliss.

It had been two years since this happened. She had moved back to England now taking my heart with her. On one occasion, had tried to kill myself. I cry myself to sleep every night thinking of her and how I can never have her.

I am still here drowning in my sorrow wishing, waiting, hoping for her to come back. I long to gaze into those eyes once more, to hold her in my arms once more, to feel her soft lips on mine once more. But that will never be. I have lost her. She is gone forever.


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