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      The Mason bunch


My version of the Brady bunch is my wonderful family....

I married Sandi, a nurse I met after I broke my arm on the job. I own a wood finishing, and reupholstering company.

Sandi was married once to a real jerk, he abused her, so she got away from it. they had kids together. and then she left, he forgot about the kids as well as her.

I was married to, and my life was pretty much to the same kind of person, only she eventually drove herself into her death. she was best friends with a drug lord. she was clean, but refused to stop running with this man. she was in love with him and so three and 1/2 weeks after I left her she got gunned down in a crossfire, leaving our kids behind.

Sandi is the mothers of Julia 17, Kami 12, and Jacob 6. I was left behind with my kids Duncan 16, Cheri 14, Addison 8, and Kimmy 4. Sandi and I were overwhelmed when we realized that between the two of us we had 7 kids. it almost kept us apart, but we decided not to let it.

We are perfect together, we have even since added to our family. three years later we have a 2 year old son together named Nick, and a 7 month old girl named Noel. we both love kids. we love each others kids too. Julia, and Duncan are both in college now.

We live in Florida, and Julia goes all the way to Syracuse for school, and Duncan goes to UCLA.

We miss the both very much. we love our two new little ones as well.

It's just like the Brady bunch. Really that happy, not that cheesy. I just want to say to Sandi- I love you and always will. when Kara died, I thought I'd never find true love. We met by chance, and just by chance, do you happen to have the rest of your life to love me? I know you do, and I will always love you too, and all our babies - Julia, Duncan, Nick, Addison, Noel, Kami, Jacob, Kimmy, Cheri..... I love you all daddy.

There's always a match somewhere out there. you just have to turn over several cards sometimes. never close your hearts. you just don't know when you might run into love. that's why mommy and I have never looked back. here we are. and we are happy.



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