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      First love


Hi my name well we'll keep that underwraps for now!! Hehe.. My story starts in high school I was in love with a guy for the whole 4 years of high school and even a while after that but I was way to shy to actually say or even try anything to let him know I was interested.. He was more of the class clown and I was more of the in the corner shy type.. There was something about him that drove me off the wall about him..In my eyes everything he did was perfect.. The only thing was that he never noticed me in that way...(Of giving me a chance). It had to be the 3rd year of high school when I told my bestfriend that I liked him and it turned out that he was her brother and I never knew they were related! Word got around and someone told him!! What hurt the most was how he used to play games with my heart for the amusement of his friends! We were seniors in high school when one day all seniors had last two periods of the day free and his class was right cross from mine and him and his friends came over to my class and he called me outside where him and his friends were and he hugged me and while he was hugging me he said "(my name) give me a kiss" and his friends were looking at me and I gave him one on the cheek and he looked at me and said "No (my name) a real kiss" I gave him this weird look because this wasn't the man I fell in love with, when there was distance in between us!! So I said" What? Your out of your mind I'm not going to kiss you like that in front of your friends" ( In reality I wanted to REALLY bad! But I couldn't do it like that!!) so he pushed me into the next room and he said (with NO friends around) " Kiss me now!!" Right when I believed him and I was going to kiss him.. A teacher from the room we were in came in and thought we were arguing .. We just told her that we were talking and needed some time alone.. She believed us and we went back into our classes.. When I went back into my class one of his friends' was there.. So I went up to him and asked him "Was that a joke you guys were pulling or did he really want to kiss me?" His friend said " Yeah we were playing with you because we all know you like love him but when you didn't give him the kiss in hall and he pushed you into the other room that wasn't planned so I guess you could say both we were playing in the beginning but at the end it seemed he did want to kiss you.." That kept me wondering "WOW!!!" after 4 years loving him from a distance and there might have been a chance he liked me too! But when we graduated he got a girlfriend and I stay in touch with my bestfriend and since high school they have still stayed together.. And their happy!!( so my bestfriend says) So it turned out we weren't ment to be after all!! On graduation day I took a picture with him and I still have that picture in my bedroom!! Like I always did love him from a far!! Til' this day and always!!

The End!


When I think of him my heart still beats pretty fast!! Hehe!!


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