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      One month of hapiness


i met this guy on may of 2008...

after i had a glimpse of him i already feel in love with as in love at first sight

because of the one thing that we both love(a Sport) we became friends..and because he is my crush and my friend as well the love that i had for him grew more and became an obsession.. 

i always went at their place..i become close to his family just only to be close to him not after knowing that he also had a crush on me...i was so happy when i heard the news, but then i haven't got the nerve to tell him that i love him so much, and because of that we became close friends...a few weeks later i got a news from one of his family member and told me that he and another person became boyfriends..and that news broke my heart badly...but then life has to move on...their relationship lasted only three weeks...after i got the good news i have felt that i now has the chance to be with him...then weeks later i had to come to a decision to tell him what i feel for him and got a positive response so we became boyfriends....i was very very happy every time were together...but we had a couple of fight because i can't feel that he also love me...we had a on and off relationship...i gave him the chance to show me his love, but i failed..and after a month and three days of our relationship i broke up with him with teary eye....

even though we had a short relationship i been happy all the time we are together...

i still love you macoy... 


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